Alisha: Owner and the “A” in ASK!  

Savannah: Sales representative and the “S” in ASK! (Also a product model).

Kevin: Owner and the “K” in ASK!  

(Left to right) Savannah, Kevin, Alisha

Beth: Production General manager.

Kaitlin: Social Media Manager and Product Model


Jacob “J-bob”: screen printing and direct to film department manager 

Nathanial “Nay”: Screen printer. (With Annie. Part-time warehouse pup)

Cheyanne: Embroiderer. 

Dakota: Screen Printer 

: Press Operator 

**Our 2 storefront employees: Brandy (store manager) and Emma. They don't like their photos taken :) 


Also, Credit to some of our common product models seen on our website (not ASK Apparel employees):

Marissa, Camilla, Liz, and Emily 




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