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Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. We offer free shipping on order of $400 and above within the United States only.

Lost or missing package? 

Please Read:

Once your package leaves our facility, it is transferred into the custody of the carrier, therefore, no longer in our possession or control. If your shipment tracking doesn’t show movement for several days after leaving our facility.. understand Ask Apparel is no more privy to its whereabouts than you are. This is why we highly recommend purchasing the additional shipping insurance to protect your shipment in the event it is lost. With shipping insurance via “ShipTection”, you can open a claim to begin the process of locating your package, or refunding you for the package.
Note: refunds and inquiries are to be directed toward “ShipTection”. Ask Apparel does not handle These insurance claims.

Shipping Insurance?

Shipping insurance can be purchased via “ShipTection”. Make sure to select it in your cart to make sure your package is protected.

How long will it take to get my order?

Transit time varies depending on geographic location, holidays, and inclement weather. Once processed, Orders typically take up to 7 business days to arrive under normal circumstances.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship via USPS and UPS. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

Net D?

 We do not offer Net D payments. We do, however, provide the option of 4 payments over 6 weeks via “Sezzle”. Just select it during checkout.

Do you ship overseas?

Currently, our customer base is primarily the United States and Canada. We have, however, shipped across seas on occasion 


Do you have pack requirements?

No. We offer the option of open packs on all items unless otherwise noted.

Is there a minimum quantity we must order?

Yes. There is a minimum order quantity of 6 (six) per line item. Hats require a minimum of 3 (three) per line item.


Can I return my products?

We always aim to make sure our customers and their customers love our products. However, we do not accept returns unless the item is damaged or unsellable in any way.  Any returns must be requested within 72 hours of delivery date. Just email us directly and we’ll take you through the process. Once received, please inspect your items for any damage/issues within the 72 hour timeframe. Should there be no obvious damage and your customer purchases the item from you beyond the 72 hour timeframe and has issues with image washout after first wash, we will address that at that time. Please notice, we recommend washing inside out with cold water and hang/air drying. We will not refund/replace due to improper washing. All damaged items will require photo proof of the damage before the refund/return process can move the the next phase.

Can I personalize your products?

We can personalize, but It depends on the product and design. Please contact us for further inquiries.

Should there be bleach on the back of my bleached products?

Though we strive to prevent this, It is possible! All bleached items are individually hand bleached and items may occasionally experience bleed over to the back side, or other areas of the garment.

ALLERGY WARNING: All bleached garments are treated with our choice of Bleach, washed with our choice of detergent, and dried with our choice of dryer sheets. If you have sensitivities to any certain brands of washing/drying products or washing/drying methods, we strongly recommend you re-wash any bleached items with your preferred method of washing and drying. In addition.. if you find a dryer sheet in your garment, rest assured the garment has never been worn. This is only an error on our end by missing it and removing it before shipment after the bleaching/washing/drying process. 

Will my item arrive exactly as photographed?

We strive to provide the exact item as photographed, however, comparable substitutions may occasionally need to be made should the advertised brand and/or color be unavailable.

If we still haven't answered your question, you can contact us via our website contact form. You may also email us or call the number below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Savannah (Sales Representative) 501-402-0035